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Save the life of Dina Ali Lasloom

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The life of 24-year-old Dina Ali Lasloom is in imminent danger.

Believing her family were going to kill her, Dina fled Saudi Arabia, hoping to claim asylum in Australia.

She got as far as Manila airport, where she tweeted photos of her boarding card to prove she had tickets for Sydney.

There she was detained, with airport staff confiscating her passports and boarding card and allegedly saying 'someone important' had told them to do so. A Canadian witness who spoke with her says Dina was utterly terrified.  Two men Dina identified as her uncles then arrived with a woman from the Kuwaiti Embassy.

Manila police then apparently tricked Dina into going to Terminal 1, where she was beaten by her uncles (apparently in front of Manila airport staff), bound and gagged, wrapped in a sheet and forced on a plane to Saudi Arabia, on or around April 11th. Dina was screaming, crying and saying her uncles had said she would be killed back in Saudi. 

Conflicting reports have since suggested Dina is being held in a girls' detention centre in Saudi Arabia. Under the law, any male guardian can 'claim' her and will not be stopped from taking her.

We urge you to:

1) Immediately and urgently demand details of Dina's whereabouts and wellbeing from the Saudi Government

2) Send relevant officials to speak with Dina, including legal counsel independent of the Saudi government or her family;

3) Demand she be taken to an Embassy or place of safety

4) Whether Dina is alive or dead, investigate the seemingly numerous human rights' abuses in this case by the Saudi government, Manila police and airport staff, Saudi airlines staff and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Manila 

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