Replace Nadine Dorries as Minister for Mental Health

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Nadine Dorries has been appointed as Minister for Mental Health by PM, Boris Johnson. 

She is not fit to hold that position due to a Disabilist tweet referring to Disabled people as "window lickin trolls." This is a derogative term for Disabled people, especially those with CP and Downs. This makes her unfit to hold a ministerial position, let alone one responsible for Disabled people's mental health.

The mental health system is currently failing Disabled people, it needs urgent and sensitive overhaul. There is one suicide every 2 hours and 90 per cent of these are due to a mental health condition. Few of these had mental support due to demands on the system.  This appointment is inappropriate. This is a Government set to fail Disabled people. The UN Rapporteur made worrying findings about the situation facing Disabled people in the UK, this is another example of Government denial.