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No "Divorce Payment" - Walk Away

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This is NOT a divorce, and cannot be considered as such.  Any financial commitments the EU have going forward could and should be slowed or stopped if they are reliant on UK money.  Buildings, development, infrastructure etc are not the same as children who, in a real divorce, would require ongoing financial aid.   The EU want our money to lift the quality of life in other EU nations when in fact our Country has suffered immensely from the huge burden of the EU subsidy we've been paying for far too long.   We need to walk away or the whole nation will be endlessly paying without any of the so-called benefits of membership.

Can the EU provide any documentation which stated when we joined that any leaving nation would have to pay an Exit Fee?  Why should they be allowed to change the rules, or our contract, now?  

The fear which is being encouraged by misguided MP's and the British Media is nothing short of traitorous - we're subjected to a daily barrage of bleating, whining and even worse, the attempted disclosure of our Government's intentions.   It's imperative that we play our cards closer to our chest and present a strong, united front.  All MPs, of every party, need to grasp this fact.  Whatever internal changes are introduced as a result of a successful Brexit can be debated and amended in the future (if necessary) when we're free.   Yet the men and women we elected to run our nation appear almost to prefer leaving control of our country to Brussels.  Historically we have been a strong nation surmounting huge disruption and catastrophe.   Leaving the EU can never be considered to have such a detrimental affect on the country as, for example, either the first or second world wars.  Imagine the result then if our MP's and the press repeatedly let Hitler know where we were sending our troops?

A glance around the world at the suffering some nations are undergoing: earthquake, war, famine, drought, unrest, loss of homeland etc should make all Britons ashamed that they are primarily concerned about having less cash in their pockets.   Yes, Business might suffer, but it will recover - the world has a bigger market place than just the EU.  A little extra effort might be required to obtain new markets, but the rewards will potentially be much greater.   It would be interesting to see how much global trade the UK actually lost as a result of the restrictions the EU has placed upon us during our membership.   We have always been innovative in every field, and usually a world leader in every walk of life.  That has almost been taken away from us during our membership of the EU.  Let's not be afraid to get back to being a world leader.

The EU was sold to us on the basis of it being a "Common Market" - Mr Junkers is now using that carrot to bludgeon us into submission - let's not lose sight of the fact that many of the EU nations rely heavily on our trade, and that should give us some muscle in the negotiations.  

We are not leaving Europe.   We'd be only too pleased to continue trading with the EU.    We only want to leave the "EU Club" with its profligate and abhorrent waste, reckless unmonitored expenditure, and inability (throughout the period of our membership) to produce any audited accounts.

Let's Walk Away


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