Introduce a Meat And Dairy tax (M​.​A.D. tax) to help with delivering the Net Zero 2050 aim

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Climate Change is a snow ball, rolling down a mountain, continually accelerating - there is minimal time to stop it, but it can be stopped, and science knows how.

One of the key strategies recommended in the 2019 report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is that the UK public should be eating less meat (specifically beef and lamb) and dairy.

Eating less meat and dairy is not only better for the planet (their production is one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gases), but it is also better for the human body.

Therefore, as with fuel, tobacco and alcohol, I suggest that a tax should be levied on meat and dairy products to help with delivering the "Net Zero 2050" target by:

  1. Encouraging the UK public to eat less meat and dairy;
  2. Providing tax revenues to contribute towards the high costs of delivering the "Net Zero 2050" target.

Be good to yourself and the environment - eat less meat and dairy!