Improve the complaints system in the UK

Improve the complaints system in the UK

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How many of us have tried to make a complaint against the NHS, Police, RSPCA, several privatised trusts,Banks and Government itself and got nowhere because of the complaints system not being fare and just whereby it's sorted internally at local resolution level or an independent Complaints system is required to pass their decision back to local resolution to imply and it never gets resolved. 

People internally complaining as well as those externally complaining tend to get sent round in circles in the hope that they will simply go away so they can sweep it under the carpet. 

Please sign and share this campaign to make it a much quicker and fairer system that makes sure complaints at least get logged wether proved or disproved. 

How can organisations improve performance if they don't listen to the very people they are set up to serve and listen to and help those that work within these infrastructures serving others. 

For instance did you know our NHS local trusts are run by Mental institutions so anyone complaining can simply be discriminated as mentally ill. Just Google your local NHS trust to find this out.

This is the place the most pressing of  Complaintants end up. 

Police try to refer Complaintants to mental health..through the NHS system once any complaint to them or other governing organisations pass Complaintants such as Independent police complaints commission or professional standards department pass your complaint to them back at local resolution levels to implement the independent organisations decision of which they ignore. 

The Ambulance trusts do the same ....

Hospitals and health professionals do the same ...

That is just a few examples of simply how the complaints system works and why most Complaintants have to tackle the mental health system by then they will be seen as simply mentally unstable to simply hide the truth of the usually very valid complaint. 

This gives organisations massive power and why our NHS and those with genuine mental health problems get overlooked. Silencing people is more important than healing the genuinely ILL in this day and age. 

This means many other large organisations are following their lead just to hide any constructive criticism against the way an organisation is run or genuine major issues being reported just ignored by passing the buck. 

Ombedsman are useless and powerless and can give an opinion but can't make it stand. 

How many of you have ended up trying to appoint a solicitor and they won't take it up unless you've basically solved the problem yourself nowadays? It's because they know there is simply no way to have a complaint against a governing body or big organisation made to stand. Only the company or organisation or service itself is left to log any compliant and no-one can make them do it. 

There simply is no fair system That will listen to complaints and make sure they are upheld and logged accordingly. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!