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End Modern-day Slavery!

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Slavery of African migrants persists to this day, particularly that of West Africans (e.g. Nigerians, Gambians, Senegalese) traveling through Libya, seeking a new life. As a 2nd generation, London-born, Nigerian immigrant myself, I can’t express how truly heartbreaking it is to read about and watch videos of this issue, while realising it has never been so much as mentioned on any of the mainstream news services in the West. 

But, where they can close their eyes and bury their heads in the sand to this, I can’t help but be transfixed.

As if being trafficked like human chattel, and being bought and sold off as property, wasn’t bad enough, these Africans that are being intercepted and seized are also being abused, raped, beaten, bound, tortured and murdered for the sickening satisfaction and entertainment of these slavers. 

Images and video footage of their treatment is even being circulated by the perpetrators of this aberration! Having to watch this on social media, I can honestly say that the disgust one feels for such wickedness is enough to take up arms for the cause in and of itself. But the greater purpose is in saving the many lives that are being physically, emotionally and spiritually destroyed by the evil before us, and our failure to recognise and act against it. 

We cannot merely acknowledge this. We must call it out. We must state our intentions. And, most importantly, we must follow through in our actions. 

This isn’t something for the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to score political points on, but something to address and bring to the attention of the British government and Libyan-localised powers. We will only be successful when this is no longer common practice in Arab countries. And even then, education regarding this problem of equality and diversity (and, to a larger extent, Right and Wrong) must follow the solution of driving out this scourge on our society.

I sincerely hope that this Great Britain I live in can see why this is not too much to ask. I hope that this country I live in still stands for what is right. I hope because that epitomises all that the enslaved Africans have left… because as dire as things get, no one can ever take Hope away from them. I just hope it’s not all in vain. 

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