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Bring Roger Curry back to the UK

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AN AMERICAN man with dementia was flown to Britain and dumped in a car park by his OWN family, according to US court documents.

Roger Curry, 76, was mysteriously discovered outside the bus station in Hereford in November 2015 after being abandoned by his wife Mary and son Kevin. BBC Panorama investigated this unsolved case and identied his name,  place of residence and spoke with family and friends. The programme was aired on the BBC January 30th 2017.

Roger was being cared for in a care home in Herefordshire where the staff were caring and willing to give Roger the care he deserved.  Roger was happy and in good health. The staff were very fond of Roger.

It became apparent on the BBC investigation that Roger's family home in LA had been burnt down and himself and his wife were homeless,  living on the porch of the burned out property.  Their son Kevin allegedly brought them food and locked them behind the gates of the property, keeping them locked in their own grounds, until the neighbours reported their concerns to the authorities. Roger then mysteriously disappeared, not even seen by his own daughter, for 8 years.

After the BBC panorama investigation they gave their findings of Roger to the police, social services and FBI, Roger was quietly brought back to the USA and put in a care home in LA.  This care home was investigated by the BBC panorama reporter where Roger was found unkempt, dirty, underweight, injured and most importantly unsecured in an open care home, able to wander out into public. 

It was clear from the BBC programme that Roger's son and wife clearly have no thought for his welfare or whereabouts and it has since been ruled by LA court and social services that Roger was purposefully abandoned in the UK. 

We need to bring Roger back to the care home in the UK where he was happy, healthy and loved. It is our responsibility as human beings to allow this man refuge to live out his days with dignity and surrounded by love and care. I realise he isn't an asylum seeker or refugee fleeing war torn terror.  What he is though is a human being, a father, a husband,  a man who had a career in nursing and by all accounts when in full capacity of his mind was a lovely gentleman. Surely he deserves our welcome and care as one human being to another. If nothing else he deserves dignity,  respect and kindness because clearly his own family and care system have failed him. 

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