Boris dont apologize for their fashion sense

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BJ, please don’t apologize. This is freedom of speech and their ideology offends me more than you highlighting their lack of fashion sense which may offend them.
Can you also add "black garbage bags" and "raccoons in negative"? I have never been asked to apologize to someone who wore yellow and black stripes if I called them a bee. Simple answer: don’t wear bee clothes. 
Never mind that I feel quite uncomfortable next to someone I can’t identify.

On a more serious note. It is this kind of PC censorship that the liberals want to impose on us which will lead to these kinds of situations. Right after Tommy Robinson's, Candace Owens' and Info Wars social media accounts were deleted, and coming up to the USA elections, I do feel that the more we are censored the harder we will try to be heard and that may come out in more hurtful ways than the expected PC. 

While liberals insist on calling anybody right of themselves, "Nazis" "far-right" "racist" fascist" and "alt right" we have become impervious to personal insults and we tend to lose feelings about hurting someone else's feelings. When you have started to ignore your own feelings towards insults I think the fair response is to have them ignore their triggered feelings as well.

Treat others like you would like to be treated. BJ has already been the butt of jokes. I think he is entitled to treat the public as fair game.

This is the bed you have lay in it.