Better provision for people coming off medication

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        Facilities in health care are currently failing to train practitioners in the vital life enhancing skill of assisting patients withdraw from dependancy on any prescribed but toxic medication they want/need to stop taking. Addictive medication is obviously harmful in the long term yet a General Practitioner (GP) can currently only either stop or repeat prescriptions. Practices need to develop the necessary specialism patients are in want of to support their withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. Great health improvements will be gained, as well as saving on pharmaceuticals, once GP's, Healthcare assistants, nurses or other support workers are trained in how to offer the provision needed, such as in attaining smaller precise doses. I look forward to a future where there will be guidence and encouragement for anyone who would formerly have been struggling to withdraw from toxic medication and instead be more confident and able to end their pyschological dependency in a safe, supported and controlled manner without having to suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms or appear to relapse.