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Apology by the British Government to the Peoples of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

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The peoples of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia have suffered and are suffering as a result of British political intervention when it wasn't needed and now, from lack of intervention when it is most needed. Apology and action are what is needed now!

"We, the united peoples of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, hereby demand an apology from the British Government on behalf of both the Labour and Conservative Parties and in particular Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, Lord Soames and Lord Carrington for the dishonourable, dismissive and underhanded manner in which they dealt with the Rhodesian Government during negotiations for a political settlement leading up to 1980 and Zimbabwean Independence, and for the subsequent suffering of our nation and people.
The people of Zimbabwe require an unreserved apology for the misery into which they have been plunged thanks to the dishonest and deceitful “diplomacy” of the British Government in general and in particular the likes of Lords Soames and Carrington and we, the Displaced Citizens of Rhodesia demand a full and unreserved apology for the many subsequent years of suffering, heartache, hardship and emotional and psychological trauma caused by the loss of our beloved home and our forced displacement."

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