Make sure our schools reopen fully in September!

Make sure our schools reopen fully in September!

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As the Covid infection rate rises, recent news reports suggest that going back to school in September may become a question.

Today, Graham Medley of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), has said England could have to consider closing pubs in order to reopen schools. 'Do we think pubs are more important than schools?' he said on BBC Radio 4.

Our children cannot miss any more of their education.

Pubs are not more important than schools. 

It's time that the government hear how passionately parents and teachers feel about this. So please sign and share this petition and ensure the necessary restrictions are put in place NOW to ensure our children's and teachers' safe return to school in September.


'We are being sensible and not going to busy places in the school holidays but people are in pubs all day and it seems pointless.'

'My eldest missed his GCSEs this year! We've done everything we can yet pubs and beaches are crowded.'

'It's all a huge mess. I feel like parents are the forgotten group in this whole thing.'

'As a teacher and parent, I don't want any more time away from classrooms for my own children or the kids I teach. It feels incredibly frustrating that the huge amount of preparation schools have already done may be jeopardised by people who think a day on the beach or at the pub is more important than the greater good.'

'All these people off to the pub. If we are to lockdown again because of people's casual approach to it all over the summer, our children will suffer greatly.'

'We need to get on as normally as possible but this cannot be at the cost of our children's education.' 

'I will be beyond livid if the schools don't open when people have been going to pubs all this time.' 

'It seems more important to open pubs than provide our kids with education.' 

'I had three carefree kids whose biggest concern was whether I bought Coco Pops. I now have a 6 year old who misses the interaction of other boys, a 9 year old who has panic attacks and a 12 year old who had just started Year 7 and feels like she has no friends because she didn't have time to make firm bonds. All because people want to party, drink and holiday.' 

'Kids may not generate money. However, this is a generation of kids that are needed in the future to help get the economy back on its feet. Not very likely if they have no education.'

'The beer gardens by us are FULL of people with zero social distancing. If the kids can't go back in September, I will be furious! Close the pubs, our kids can't miss any more school!'

'We cannot allow our children to carry the consequences of our summer of ease.'

'As a parent of a 16 year old who's missed out doing his GCSEs after 2 years of hard work, they need to go back in September. It seems pubs are more important than our kids' education and mental health.'

'I'm in Scotland and I'll be honest, it wasn't much fun seeing England pretty much open and back to 'normal' again. BUT. Our schools are going back in just over a week and the extended lockdown has actually been worth it.' 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!