Make sociology a compulsory GCSE subject

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In response to the recent and ongoing black lives matter campaign, I believe, that if individuals are educated from a young age, of 14-16 in their GCSE years about racial, class and gender, sexuality, disability and gender identity inequalities this would create a better society for the future. 
Many do not understand or recognise the privileges they hold from being white, upper class, male etc. With a focus on the ongoing inequality’s faced today in society, Sociology is a subject that allows everyone to learn about educational, economical, health, and criminal justice inequalities, to just name a few.If it was made a compulsory subject so many young people would be educated and would know how to use their voice to make a difference. 
Many sociological studies are reflective directly of the recent events of institutional racism, as well as the specific ‘crime and sociology’ topic teaching about the inequalities in the criminal justice system towards black and working class individuals.
Sociology is a fundamental subject in teaching young adults, the future of our country, about those who are discriminated against, who do not have equal opportunities simply due to race, gender and class, disability, sexuality, gender identity and many more. It’s an opportunity to make a change.