Launch an inquiry into how COVID-19 has impacted young people #ForgottenGeneration

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The devastating Coronavirus crisis has impacted every household, business, school, family and individual, affecting our health, finances, employment, education and social lives.

The deep-rooted effects will last for years to come. A recent report titled ‘The Forgotten Generation: British youth perspective of COVID-19’ which has been spearheaded by My Life My Say and Opinium; reveals that three quarters (73%) of 18 to 24-year-olds in the UK believe that the Coronavirus pandemic has had the biggest impact on them compared to any other social, political or economic event in their lifetime. 

The study shows that two-thirds (63%) of young people are already worried about their future prospects. Further statistics highlight that: 

  • 52% are concerned about their ability to save;
  • 49% are concerned about their ability to buy a property;
  • Similarly, 42% are worried about losing their jobs, and 48% of renters are worried about paying rent;
  • And, 61% of those who are students or currently unemployed expect that they will struggle to find employment. 

It is clear that the economic fallout is going to be long-lasting and far-reaching for this forgotten generation, and over half (57%) are worried about the impact this will have on their mental health, especially black, Asian and minority ethnic young people.

With only three in ten (29%) thinking that the government is taking them into account when making decisions relating to this pandemic, myself and over 100 signatories, spanning across the youth sector, activists and influencers are calling for the government to:

  1. Launch an inquiry into how COVID-19 has impacted young people aged 16 to 25 years old; 
  2. Establish a national youth task force to produce recommendations from the inquiry report;
  3. And, commit to responding to the recommendations with policy proposals and a clear timeline for implementation.

As we ease lockdown measures, and discussions are being had about our exit strategy, we must remember that the British society relies on young people to rebuild the UK economy - we can no longer ignore the forgotten generation. 

That is why I’m asking you to please help me by signing and sharing this petition!