Keep families together during Covid, by allowing family to visit each other.

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Currently in many parts of the UK, households are banned from seeing each other. But how can you ban family households mixing when schools, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, barbers, beauty parlours and shopping centres remain open? Team sports are still happening and people can still work together in offices, hospitals, shops, public transport and gyms - but I can’t see my family.

I’ve started this petition because families should be allowed to mix, they should be allowed to see each other, so support can be given to the vulnerable, the elderly, those suffering with mental health or just those who need human contact

That’s why I’m calling on the Government to let families join together in their own bubble, for the sake of the population’s mental health, and to stop loneliness and isolation.

Stop wasting police time and resources, there are more important things for the police to be doing, than going out giving fines to households that need support.

Boris Johnson - my family need each other, we are a large family that spends 85% of their time together: holidays, weekends, meals, birthdays and Christmas. So to force us apart is just cruel and insensitive. 

Don't force families apart, because you did the wrong thing at the beginning of the pandemic. Ensure vulnerable people are not left behind by letting families mix in a safe way.