Invite UK Government's response to support Albania after devastating earthquake

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To the Honorable Mr. Boris Johnson,

On November 26, in the early hours of the morning, and in the hours that followed, our country of origin, Albania, suffered several seismic shocks causing unparalleled devastation. Earthquakes, up to magnitudes of 6.4 on the Richter scale, and as long as 30 seconds, have caused thirty-two deaths so far (including many children as young as 4 years old), hundreds of injured to date, and many more still trapped under rubble. In addition, thousands of Albanians are currently homeless and in a state of panic.

Most European countries such as  France, Greece,  Germany, Croatia, the United States, etc. have kindly provided assistance in donations and expertise. The Albanian community in the UK, of about 100,000 people, also mobilised and has already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, based on individual donations encouraged by the Albanian associations across UK and internationally.

Consequently, in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis unfolding, and recognising UK's historically great role in international help and assistance, we humbly ask you as our Prime Minister and the government  that you lead to provide appropriate humanitarian support to Albanian population in this time of national crisis.

On behalf of the Albanian community in the UK