Help for small local businesses

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Hello I will introduce my self first my name is Samantha Nicholson a share holder of a small local coach company in the northeast, I am starting a petition to ask the government to help all small business which require help at this time in need. We are due to loose everything because of the effects of the coronavirus and the travel industry has not received any help in any way but still expected to make massive payments and with all work cancelled it is not realistic, a lot of company’s like our selves are on the verge of becoming bankrupt and also putting thousands of people out of job throughout the industry from coach operators, directors, coach drivers, mechanics, transport managers, cleaners and many more through no fault of our own and we are all the ones suffering the backlash due to this epidemic. 

So I would like to start this petition to ask Boris Johnson what he is going to do to help to stop a lot of people loosing everything they have all worked so hard for.

We need help to suspend business rates, building Mortgages/rent payments and high Fiance payments to give company’s a fighting chance to survive through out the next two month due to every where been in lock down. All lines of work are cancelled till may if not further into future, this needs to happen to give company’s the chance to get back up again once the epidemic is under control.

I would like to take the time to thank every individual who helps by signing this petition Thankyou.