Government to pay council tax, gas, electricity & water bills for all households- NOW

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Dear PM 

I am writing to urge you to stop all council tax and bills for all households regardless of by one being rich or poor, regardless of the fact the property is rented or owned, regardless of the age groups, till this coronavirus situation is been controlled and dealt with. As of Friday evening lots of families will be sitting at home with their kids. 

We all would like to have our households free of the utility bills for this period of time to support people and families to get through this hard time. 

People should not be asked to pay their council tax and their gas, water and electricity bills, which by being unable to go out or they have lost their livelihoods or jobs, they having to work from home or they have kids who will have to be at home with them, all these situations will push the bills up for sure. 

We need you to intervene and allow these bills to be stopped for duration on this pandemic. 

We need your help and support in our country’s hour of need. 


Iren Brown