Give charities a FAIR financial Covid19 package equal to private and public sector

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Charities work with marginalised and vulnerable people on the front line everyday. From care-leavers to carers, people with dementia or cancer, mental health conditions to special educational needs, people in poverty or experiencing abuse, the list is endless. They fill gaps in public service provision and are expected in the main to raise funds to do this work.  Karl Wilding, NCVO says that "#COVID-19 means UK charities expect to lose £4 billion in the next quarter. Why?  Because income from trading has halted. Main fundraising methods require people to come together. Yet demand for charities' vital support is increasing."

Charities help all sorts of people in need and they employ staff who have committed their lives to providing support . They aren't there to make a profit like business who have received substantial support from Government. They do provide 'public services' often getting to the parts that public services cant reach - the public sector has received substantial support from Government. Surely Government needs to protect these valuable charitable services and the livelihoods of those working in the sector? Charities shouldn't be focusing on raising funds at this time, but rather making sure that people get the help they need.