Make it compulsory for UK schools to teach black literature in English lessons​.

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We have made it to 5000 signatures!!

The petition to make black literature compulsory in the UK has just reached 5000 signatures, and it's all thanks to you! Due to your signatures, emails have been sent to the Secretary of State for Education pushing for black literature to become a compulsory part of the national curriculum for English. This change will help to ensure schools are doing all they can to fully educate their students on the importance of anti-racism. We are still waiting, however, for any kind of response from Mr Williamson or the Department of Education regarding any changes to the curriculum. 

This amount of signatures has only been made possible due to the amount of people who have spread the word by sharing this petition on social media. If you wish to continue to help make a change please continue to share the link below.


Katie Monk
1 year ago