Get the NHS frontline workers the PPE needed to fight Coronavirus Covid-19

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Currently our frontline nurses and NHS staff are NOT equipped with the most basic of recommended PPE to carry out safe treatment of coronavirus Covid-19 infected patients.

This holds our Nurses and frontline workers health and safety in complete disregard and is unacceptable!

We are asking that Masks, Aprons, and Gloves should be supplied at the very minimum IMMEDIATELY to avoid any further infection of staff, other patients, staff family members and any further transmission of the virus. 

This is a call to Boris Johnson directly to demand immediate action to preserve the health and wellbeing of not just our front line workers, but ultimately the population.

IMMEDIATE dispatch of this PPE equipment is required and it must be delivered to the correct recipients so that it is distributed among the front line health workers at risk.

No one should be expected to unnecessarily risk their life, their loved ones and others lives, in an attempt to save one.