Get the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry reopened .

Get the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry reopened .

3 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Price

 I am wanting to express my despair about the announcement that hairdressers and barbers can open on 4th July, while the rest of the beauty, spa and wellness industry must remain closed, with no clarity on when we will be able to restart our operations. Simply to say that hairdressers work from behind the client and beauty therapists from in front is ridiculous if both are wearing adequate PPE.
I am urgently seeking  your support  so that the Prime Minister can see how much support we have so he can urgently take steps to open up the industry. If urgent action is not taken many businesses across the country, including my own and many others in our local constituency, will be forced to close and many people will face unemployment.
The hair and beauty service industry alone contributes £6.6bn to the UK economy, which equates to at least 8% of the value generated by the retail sector. It also employs up to 340,000 people, predominately women, across 49,371 businesses and provides over 16,500 apprenticeships.
My business, has been building for 4 years now and I have worked hard to achieve where I am today and have a loyal client base. I have also invested in highly professional, expensive training and only use products to ensure my clients are safe and receive a quality service for which I get regular reviews on social media.
I have an extremely long waiting list for clients wanting treatments for when/if we can reopen and I cannot tell them when that will be. This will inevitably mean a further delay in filling my appointments again once this is announced.
Health and Beauty also plays a massive part in people’s mental health, it helps them feel better, focus more and also is part of client’s routine. 
We also aren’t just a beautician, a lot of clients confide in us and we often find ourselves being a counsellor, offering support and advice with client’s problems.
I am a mobile beautician and have a few clients who are find it extremely difficult to leave the house and look forward to having their treatment. Without me attending, I could be the only person the client sees and this again could play a massive part in these clients’ mental health.
Our industry called on the Government to allow us to reopen in line with very strict safety guidelines but our calls have not been heard. Moreover, many hair, beauty spa and wellness facilities are integrated and offer a wide-range of treatments. This means that for many of the ‘hair’ salons that are allowed to open, it may not be financially viable to restart half their operations while not being able to offer the other half of their services. Afterall, the service is being provided by the same technician, to the same client in the same workspace.
The longer beauty businesses, spas and well-being facilities are forced to remain closed; the more jobs are at risk as many businesses may never be able to reopen their doors. 
Therefore,  Prime Minister should : 
1.     Reconsider the re-opening of beauty, spa and wellness services alongside hairdressers providing adequate PPE is used.
2.     Provide immediate clarity to those in the beauty, spa and wellness sector on when we will be allowed to reopen. 
The continued uncertainty around when these businesses can reopen has caused heightened anxiety on the long-term future of the sector and the thousands of jobs it supports.

So please show your support and get as much signatures signed so the Prime Minister can get us all back open again . 

Thank you for taking the time to read this . 


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Signatures: 39Next Goal: 50
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