Get all students incl. home educated students off the Algorithm 2020 UK A-Levels/GCSE’s

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Everything you hear regarding A-Level results in the media is about students linked to schools. Home educated students have also been through so much and been treated unfairly. They have then been grouped with other students who have registered with the same exam centre and put through the same algorithm as the whole country has.

The government have put this algorithm in place without taking into account home educated students. Whether or not you accept the algorithm for schools, how can this same algorithm be applied to home educated students?   As we now know, the algorithm has focused more on the ranking of a student in a school and the school’s previous 3 years performance. Home educated students are taught independently from a school and don’t share the same teachers. They just sit their exams at either an exam centre or at a school as a private candidate. 

To get a predicted grade, private candidates had to be assessed by an approved, independent, unbiased teacher not their usual teacher.  They were set additional tasks, video conferenced mock exams and had to submit a portfolio of work. The teacher’s predicted grade / Center Assessed Grades are a fairer method than the algorithm.  The government need to scrap the use of the algorithm for home educated students to prevent a whole group students being discriminated again and affecting their future prospects.