Get Boris to commence lockdown

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Absolutely fed up of seeing the majority of the general publics wasted efforts at practicing social distancing. Whilst the minority think they don't need to, putting us all at risk! 

Apparently people aren't responsible enough to take accountability for their actions. So simple, take their choice away! Commence lockdown! Enforce instead of asking people to stay at home!

I have witnessed today, a large group of teenagers hanging about in the local park whilst out on our walk - why did we close the schools for them to socialise anyway? 

And this is being echoed on social media, people frustrated that some choose not to follow the rules, choose to carry on as normal for silly pointless selfish reasons. 

We are anxiously watching what's happening around the world & do not want to follow suit of others countries, making similar mistakes,  by allowing people to socialise still. 

The quicker we all do this, the quicker we come out of the other side! 

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