Funeral Costs Of COVID19 Deaths Must Be Covered By Govt

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As the death toll of COVID19 victims rises in the UK, many are not only faced with the loss of loved ones but the expensive costs for funeral services. An unexpected expense at a time Self-Isolation and Lockdown have resulted in the loss of jobs and led many including self-employed to rely on Universal Credit. They should not have to choose between feeding themselves and burying their loved ones. Neither should they go into debt. 

A number of these deaths include keyworkers, NHS staff and Carers who put their lives on the line for our country. It is unconscionable that their families and loved ones should struggle to bury them with dignity. Families like that of 13 year old Ismail Abdulwahab have set up a GoFund Me page to get funds to bury him. This is heartbreaking.

The Govt must provide financial assistance package for these burials which include a contribution towards and/or payment of total funeral costs of COVID19 victims with/without underlying health issues. Govt must ensure the funeral services industry don't hike prices or capitalise financially from this pandemic.The petition is to demand immediate action so that loved ones don't have to bear the anxiety of the financial pressure of burial costs.

Let us honour deceased COVID19 victims, particularly keyworkers, with action not words.

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