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Return Coram's Fields to Children!

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Coram's Fields children's park has always prided itself on providing great facilities for children and young people. Coram's has always been an example to the rest of the world and pride and joy of London. However, today Coram's is increasingly renting all of its facilities to adults, disregarding the needs of children.

Many hundreds of kids in central London who fully depend on Coram's have recently been second rated to adults who can pay to play sports in Coram's - during entire weekends and every evening. Children retain a sole token pitch for their use.

Until just recently Coram's was a safe harbor for hundreds of children from the areas of Kings Cross, Bloomsbury and Islington. The entire area has no other public parks, where children of all ages can come to play sports, stay happy, safe and have fun. Now, all of those children and youngsters are effectively turned away - and adults are playing instead of them!! Does this really make sense? Where should all those hundreds of kids go?

During winter Coram's rents a large section of the park for Christmas parties. This destroys the grass and for months afterwards impacts the ability of kids to use that large section of the park.

And still, most of the animals that were the joy of Coram's have gradually disappeared over recent years... Equipment in the park is in poor repair, or substandard equipment has been installed instead... 

Where will all this stop? Are we actually going to be renting the entire park to adults and bar the children on certain days? This is meant to be the only park in London just for children - adults without children are barred.

It is noticeable that Coram's leaders are forgetting their main task - to care for children and young people. Coram's leaders could certainly try to do a better job in rising outside finance. There are recent examples of successfully raised monies for certain sporting activities for very young children. This should be encouraged and needs to be led from the front.

Certainly, the objective of wealth provided by Thomas Coram was to focus on children. Currently that seems not to be the case. Coram's Fields have certainly not consulted with anyone from the local area about significant changes made over the last months, such as their recent decision to rent entire pitch areas over entire weekends to grown ups.

This is all very disappointing and goes against the very message of Thomas Coram, his foundation and charities. All this has been done without any consultation with parents and children of the local area. This exemplifies a worst possible way of transforming what was a trusted ground for children into an operation that values short term and easy money above anything else.

Let's fight to return Coram's Fields to children!

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