Foreign aid to the Australia Fire Disaster

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The people of Australia have recently watched as huge forest fires have destroyed their homes. many people sit in fear on beaches trying to avoid the fires. The Australian Government is doing all it can to put these fires out. To do this and help people rebuild their homes is a huge undertaking.

The United Kingdom has a huge Foreign Aid budget and we donate millions to help India with its Space programmes and we donate money to China and other un deserving countries. We pour our money into tin pot dictatorships and see no reward.

I propose thet the Uk immediately divert a large portion of the Foreign aid budget to help the Australian people with this disaster and to help people rebuild their homes and businesses.

These are people who have our Queen as their head, share our values and morals and laws and our religion. They are our brothers and sisters , literally, across the sea. What better way to show our continued solidarity and support for them in the coming Post Brexit world than to deliver such financial aid.

I call on Boris Johnson and his Government to immediately deliver financial aid to the people of Australia to both help with the fires and to help people rebuild their lives