Force The UK Government For Total Lockdown

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The coronavirus have taken so many lives across the world, as of 22nd March 2020, 281 people have lost there lives to the disease and nearly 6,000 have been confirmed cases of Covid-19. 

Boris Johnson has announced he will not close public gatherings aswell as Country parks. He's announced also all pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants,  cinemas,  leisure centres, and gyms to shut down which is excellent.

However the british people are still ignoring the government's advice and are still getting on with their day to day lifes as if everything is ok but it isnt.... this is a world wide crisis and if people carry on ignoring advice given by the government then millions will end up dead because of the virus.

Everyone needs to stay at home and stop away from people and public areas to decrease the spread of the disease. We need a total lockdown in the UK to force people to listen!

Its affecting everyone that shouldn't need to be! We all would love to live our lifes normal again, so let's all do this, let's get the country into a total lockdown!

Let's Heal The World once more during this difficult period of time. Let's get as many signatures as possible to force Boris Johnson to activate a total lockdown on Great Britain,