For the Prime Minister to have Nigel Farage on the Brexit negotiating team.

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This petition is for the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to include Nigel Farage in any Brexit negotiation team, how many others truly understand the workings of the minds of the EU?  Come on Boris, show the country you are prepared to put the country first by putting forward the best team possible!

If it wasn’t for Nigel Farage then Brexit wouldn’t even be happening, he’s given this country 25 years of his life fighting for us to leave the European Union and put up with so much abuse as a result but still soldiered on.

Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party put our Country before Party and stood down in all strong Conservative leave constituencies so that they wouldn’t split the leave vote and allow the Conservatives a free run, also in the strong Labour heartlands the Brexit Party Parliamentary Candidates stole votes from the Labour Party from those voters who would never vote for the conservatives which ate into the Labour vote and allowed the Conservatives to win many of those seats, some of which they’ve never held before, all of which gave Boris Johnson and the Conservatives a great majority in The Houses of Parliament.

Now truly is time for the Conservatives to put Country before Party and put Nigel Farage on the team of people responsible for getting us out of the EU with a real Brexit that the people of this country voted for.