Face coverings to be made mandatory in Taxis & Private Hire vehicles in England & NI

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Taxi drivers & customers should be wearing masks in the U.K. #WearAMask 

It is already compulsory for both driver & passengers to wear face masks when using private hire vehicles in; Wales & Scotland.

Why is it not compulsory in England & Northern Ireland?

The U.K. governments excuse is that it’s a grey area. The only grey area is the inability to see this as a close contact setting in a confined space with people you don’t live with where masks are currently recommended by the U.K. Government, SAGE & WHO.

It’s been left in the hands of taxi operators to encourage the use of masks, however many are using it as an excuse not to wear a face covering and not protect passenger or driver. Uber taxis have made it mandatory for both passengers & driver to wear masks since 15th June.

As it stands a driver has the right to refuse a passenger who doesn’t wear a mask but what about the rights of the passenger when the driver refuses to wear one.

The only exception here is if the passenger was in the rear of the taxi and with a sealed screen separating the driver from passenger without sharing the same airflow.

Our investigation confirm many drivers are not protecting vulnerable customers who rely on the driver to help protect them. We can also confirm that some companies have not supported drivers in their right to refuse a passenger without a mask.

For this reason we are asking for immediate Review & change to the guidance issued in England & Northern Ireland over the use of face masks in private hire vehicles.
Local Authority councils have to date been very mixed in communication over the requirements of masks in taxis and it needs to be a legal requirement on a national level.








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