End Coronavirus lock down for under 50s households and a staged end for others.

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We in the UK have a long held right to freedom unless duly convicted by our peers. Instead, we have all been held under house arrest with no trial and were not even allowed to examine the models that supposedly require the lost of our human rights. The death rate for under 50s appears to be very small or 0.2% of those tested and because only a fraction are tested the overall rate is a lot smaller and must be similar to seasonal flu. NHS hospitals whilst busy have the capacity to deal with households with those under 50 returning to normal life.

We call on you Boris to end the lockdown for those at low risk which includes most under 50s households or households with young children and single adults. Then as NHS capacity allows, have a staged return for other groups. The elderly and most vulnerable will be protected till the virus naturally dies out.

For more information see: CV19.uk