Feed The Kids Or Pay The Wifi? Lets Take Action To Provide Affordable Broadband For All!

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13m UK low-income families are choosing between food and broadband. As a nation, we could and should be doing more.

There is support on offer, but we need to go further. It is so sad that lower-income families are choosing between feeding their families and paying broadband bills. Before homeschooling broadband was as a luxury, but now it's a necessity. Access to learning is a human right; we have to help more.

The importance that an Internet connection plays in children's education is not diminished, just because a lockdown ends. If anything, it becomes more important to those left behind that now need to catch up.

Why are we expecting lower-income households to choose whether to get a loaf of bread, or pint of milk, over paying a broadband bill? It's hard enough trying to keep safe, make ends meet and homeschool kids at the moment. As a nation, we should be supporting access to the internet, e-learning whatever it takes.

You can see a time when Job Centres and Government subsidised back to work training schemes are 100% online, but those that most need this support can't afford the Internet access. It's a total absurdity!

It is excellent that some broadband providers are offering short-term support during Coronavirus. Our broader concern is what happens once the pandemic is over.

That's why we're calling for a long-term solution in the form of means-tested broadband. Please get behind this cause and sign the petition now.