Ellies Law and her right to be a mother

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My beautiful daughter Ellie Louise Anderson unexpectantly passed away on 23rd July at the age of 16. Born male on 23/01/04 her biggest desire was to be a mother, following her transition. At the young age of 14, we went through the process of freezing her sperm to follow her dreams. She made it clear from the outset that should anything happen to her, I was to fulfill my promise of bringing her children into the world.

Imagine my dismay at being informed today that as she was single when she died and despite her wishes that I was the guarantor of her sperm, the clinic is legally obliged to destroy her sperm. This decision is covered by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority but covered by Uk regulations and law.

Under the Equality act 2010, it is against the law to discriminate or indirectly discriminate against someone by making rules that apply to everyone but put others at an unfair disadvantage. I wholeheartedly believe this law discriminates against age, single and transgender people. There will be many other people who might face this situation and I'm campaigning for a change in the law. To go through the trials of freezing your sperm or eggs for them to be callously destroyed despite your wishes is inhumane. Please help to make a change for everyone and so that I can fulfill my promise to Ellie to have her children. Her death was devastating beyond words but not being able to carry out her wishes is heartbreaking too.