Keep 50 back packs open, to continue supporting and feeding the homeless

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50 back packs is run by a man called spike and a small team.

spike feeds the homeless every day making sure they have a hot meal and drink. Spike also trys his best to home the homeless sometimes even getting them a bnb for the evening

spike helped hundreds of people during the covid19 lock down providing food parcels every three days for people who was shielded and people with young children. 

spike helps low income familys and single people with food vouchers/packs, clothing bedding, wash things. He also helps support and turn people around that have many issues with mental health, drug issues, homelessness, drink problems. 

spike does all this by receiving donations and setting up go fund me pages hes clearly a charity but is told he cannot have funding. Alot even in high places slate spike and his work which is unfair, if things dont change and the slating does not stop or he is still refused funding 50 will have to close its doors for good. This will be a massive lost to wisbech the homeless wont get help or be fed and the many many people and familys he helps with be back to sq one and struggling. We need help to keep spike going and keep 50 strong. Wisbech loses 50 we lose the only strong support network we have. Spike treats each and everyone that goes though his doors with warmth and care and goes out of his way to help, even spending Christmas day on the streets to show support for the homeless instead of been with his own family. 
to help spike keep going and keep 50 open. Funding needs to be approved and the slating even from officials needs to stop if it wasnt for spike and his small team people would struggle , the homeless wouldnt have that one main hot meal a day. Please sign show some support and make the people higher up see 50 is indeed a charity and 50 is needed by people wisbech.