Don't weigh our children, educate them about wellness, nutrition and selfcare

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Weighing children after lockdown is disastrous for mental health and wellbeing after what has been a challenging year for them as it is. Educating them about nutrition, exercise, wellbeing and self-care would be so much more beneficial than a humiliating weigh in.

School weigh-ins have been the cause of many eating disorders, lack of self-love and body hatred for too many generations and it needs to stop! There are better ways to tackle obesity - education for a start (seems obvious really when they're in a learning environment!) and offering better quality choice of food from schools would be another!

Engaging them in a variety of sports and exercise from yoga to football and teaching them how to cook and get interested in what is going in to their bodies would help with wellness and improve mental health.

In fact I think they should get Joe Wicks, The Body Coach in to give children uplifting and motivational little workouts before they begin each day which everyone can join in with no equipment needed. Can be run remotely and would give everyone a boost of energy and motivation before they begin learning each day. It would also show them the correlation between exercise and good mental health.

Our children have had a tough year emotionally and physically - please don't make it worse by labelling them which can detrimentally affect self worth for the rest of their lives. Educate and inspire them instead.