Dominic Cummings should be asked to resign

Totally and inexcusably irresponsible! What if they had broken down on the journey and needed assistance potentially infecting whichever breakdown service came to their rescue? What if they had been involved in an accident? I also can't believe that they didn't need to stop to refuel at some point or for a toilet break! How many people have they irresponsibly and selfishly infected during and following their journey? Their actions make a mockery of all the NHS doctors, nurses, carers and frontline workers who have lost their lives trying to save our lives and keep as many of us well and safe. This is a senior member of the government, the same one who allegedly said on 22nd March "protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” I'm just horrified and so, very, very sad for all the good people who have suffered losing a member of their family, friend or partner and who were unable to be with them because they were not permitted to travel. This pandemic isn't a political roadshow, its about life or death. It's about the right of everyone to be treated in equal measure, to have the same opportunities to protect their loved ones and to survive. This is just unbearably unjust, and symptomatic of a government that is seriously out of it's depth in good leadership and fair and wise governance! :(

Charlie Gray, Birmingham, ENG, United Kingdom
1 year ago
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