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'Imagine walking into your child's bedroom, finding them lifeless. Imagine the trauma of having to live with this for the rest of your life, all of the questions unanswered, the guilt eating you alive from the inside out. This is what parents have to live with every single day. I hope this haunts you, and makes you feel physically sick, because we have let this happen for far too long.  

Our generation are your future doctors, nurses, paramedics, scientists, teachers, soldiers. Our generation will soon be the backbone of this country, contributing to society in ways no other generation had the capacity for. We are future mothers, fathers, grandparents. The future prime minister stands beside us. The people who have lost their lives do not get this chance. Chances are, they didn’t even get to reach twenty. They will never get married, never be able to vote, never graduate. They do not get to live the legacy they deserved. 

I can guarantee that most of the young people in Cornwall do not have anything positive to say about the mental health support they have received. I get it, the NHS is underfunded and overworked, but that is no one's fault but the politicians who have made it that way. Why should families and friends have to lose the people they love because no mental health professional has the time, facilities or funding to support them? What have we done to deserve this? We get pushed away, brushed under the carpet, and told we are too young - that is a ‘phase’. 

I have spent hours trawling through the articles and information on the new strategies and funding for mental health in Cornwall this year. Victims of suicide, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, rape and so much more will not reach out for help. Condescending, overworked counsellors at schools and colleges have not got the capacity or resources to support this generation. Our needs are complex, the suffering we live with everyday is something we internalize. Training for teachers and lecturers isn't the solution. It’s building centres similar to The Hub for young people to go, and receive support with no judgement. It’s feeling safe. It’s having a community centre with consistency, giving these kids to have somewhere to belong to. It’s not letting them slip through the cracks. It’s support groups, it’s time every day to focus on mental health. It’s having the resources to allow us to be vulnerable. Please stop letting us die. 

This one is for Georgia, and all of the other people who have suffered with no support, 

May they rest in peace.

From a generation that is tired of dying.'

After losing people dear to my heart in the last six months, I have decided enough is enough. There is not enough support in Cornwall for young people and adults with mental health issues, and more importantly, it is not spoken about enough. I do not expect to wake up one day and every difficult problem has been solved, but if we spark conversation that our generation is struggling, people will be more aware. I do not want to lose another friend to suicide.

Isolation during lockdown has been hard enough on the young people and adults in Cornwall, paired with the lack of support, people have been left feeling like there is no way out. The easiest way to spark change is to start talking. I am hoping these signatures will ensure this topic is discussed, and events such as marches, fundraisers and support groups will arise from this. 

I have sent the text quoted above to anyone that I hope can make a difference, including all MPs of Cornish Constituencies, and various Cornish media outlets. Let's end the silence, end the suffering, end the stigma and start the conversation. 

Thank you,

Missy Radcliffe