COVID-19 : Give the 320,000 homeless people in the U​.​K. shelter

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According to the charity Shelter, there are 320,000 homeless people in the U.K. This figure represents some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society, and the group of people most neglected by Boris Johnson’s Government.

This is most worrying during the current COVID-19 Pandemic, driving most non-essential services in the U.K. to either maximum capacity or complete halt. It is at this time that those most vulnerable require the most support, and yet receive the least.

Meanwhile, hotels across the nation are becoming increasingly empty. Local hotels and independent businesses are struggling. Much produce has been raided from the shelves of supermarkets, resulting in a total deficit of supplies that can be donated to the homeless.

This is why we, the people of the United Kingdom, are calling on Boris Johnson’s Government to guarantee shelter and supplies for the 320,000 people living on the streets. It is at times like these that kindness is most needed and least given. Let’s help prevent more deaths by giving shelter to those who need it most.