Coronavirus - zero penalties for parents who remove children from school during pandemic

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In the wake of the looming pandemic and lack of government action in closing schools, despite public demand, we are asking the government to abolish all penalties for parents who remove their children from school before government announces their closures. 

The government states closures will not necessarily prevent spread despite evidence that children are carriers to coronavirus. They say parents still have to work and childcare would be an issue. However, not all parents would need grandparents to look after their children.

We ask that those parents who can and want to remove their children can do so without being penalised by the state or lose their child's place in their school. 

Less children in school would mean less spread of infection, the ability to still see their grandparents and parents would be able to look after the elderly without fear of infecting them. Less isolation for vulnerable elderly people and smaller impact on public health services.

Give parents the option of removing their children if they are concerned about vulnerable family members without punitive measures.