Consider vaping as a essential item and allow vape shop to remain open during lockdown

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Bobby Habib
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For most it may not be important but for people who vape or have just given up smoking vaping products are seen as necessity. Many Vaper's mainly ex-smoker would find it difficult and extremely stressful to unable to receive their nicotine delivery required by their bodies and during the lockdown, these products should be made readily available especially during these stressful times, that we are currently seeing. Smoker and ex-smokers are already potentially deemed within the higher risk category due to the potential damaged caused through cigarette smoking and with the NHS system already overloaded with COVID-19 activity, by not allowing the delivery of a 95% healthier alternative to smoking by not allowing Vape Shops to remain open would tempt a lot of these vaper's to resort back to smoking, to tide them over this period defeating the intention of a healthier alternative.

We all know vaping provides are a much more healthier alternative and has a bigger success rate for smoker to succeed in giving up smoking and with a deadly virus epidemic that attacks the respiratory system and by reducing the availability of these products for potentially high risk public members that are likely to already have a weakened respiratory system to me would tempt them to gear towards smoking again and could risk individuals who have been able to stop smoking relapse back to smoking cigarettes again. This would have an impact on the NHS system by potentially increasing hospital admissions, as of last year we had 489,300 hospital admission attributed to smoking which would increase and put more stress on our health system. This could lead to more erratic behaviour as the nicotine delivery that ex-smokers are used too, has been taken away from them potentially causing more strain on public departments. It makes sense that Vape products should be classed as a essential item to allow public members who require a nicotine delivery system to be able to manage and cope with what is already a stressful situation for all of the public, let alone individuals that also have to manage a nicotine addiction.

Vape shops across the country provide this service to the community, although there are very few essential stores that do provide vaping products, these products tend to be a cheaper product, or a cheap alternative which most vaper's would not purchase. Vape stores fills that gap that the essential stores do not provide providing better equipment and higher quality products that most consumer identify. Most people working in vape shops provide a specialist service, assisting consumers to correct products and also counselling smokers for a healthier and safer alternative.

Other countries like Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland already treat vape shops as an essential service to assist reformed smokers and ease pressure on the health system and Canada are currently reviewing this process to class vape shops as a essential service. Vaper's switching back to smoking would cause a rise in acute exacerbation of lung illnesses amongst many individuals who had seen extremely beneficial health impacts from quitting smoking through the use of vape products.

I request that the government too re-think and by working with the industry our government and health officials we can ensure we do not send hundred and thousands of reformed smokers back to smoking.


Bobby Habib

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