Close the concentration camps in China

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Since 2017 China has built a network of concentration camps, mainly in the North West Xinjiang autonomous region, in which up to three million Muslims of Uyghur and other other ethnicities have been incarcerated. Meanwhile their children have been forcibly separated and placed in State run orphanages. This mass social engineering process is geared at obliterating and banning the religion, culture and language of these people and enforcing upon them a Han Chinese identity.

Multiple reports of torture, coerced indoctrination of atheism and renunciation of religious beliefs, gang rape, forced marriages, abortions, slave labour, killings and even organ harvesting have surfaced in recent months via media agencies worldwide. The Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims have had their religious and social freedoms suppressed and basic human rights violated to unprecedented levels. Although the communist Chinese regime initially denied the existence of the camps, satellite imagery evidenced their existence, prompting the government of China to retort that they are voluntary educational centres.

We demand that China closes the camps immediately and puts an end to the misery and pain inflicted upon millions of grief stricken, impoverished and devastated people who have suffered from this persecution, had their lives destroyed and families torn apart. This is arguably the worst human inflicted mass genocide in our times however, other than America, the world has been alarmingly silent upon this. Where is humanity?