Change how universal credit is calculated. If it doesn’t affect you please help others.

Change how universal credit is calculated. If it doesn’t affect you please help others.

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Kelly Carmody started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) and

The universal credit system is not working and people are suffering beyond going hungry for a day. I know that a lot of the uk are not claiming benefits, but the people who are getting forced to claim universal credit, are suffering more than ever.

For the people that are not familiar with the system - It is a monthly allowance that has taken over from 6 benefits, not all people are on the system but will be eventually, if you work you are able to earn £292 before any benefit is affected after that you have 63p per £1 deducted from the total amount of benefit you are entitled to, so for example if you are entitled to £1000 and you earn £1292 per calendar month they will deduct £630 from the £1000.

Please help the uk people in fighting this chaotic system. The system is great for some people, but for people who work and are paid weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly is a nightmare. Your ‘assessment period’ runs from the date you apply for UC (we will say the 10th of June) It will then end on the 9th of July, starts again on the 10th of July, finishes 9th of august and so on and so forth.

June to July assessment (if you are paid on a Friday) will have 5 pay dates if you are paid weekly and depending on when you are paid fortnightly 2 or 3 and 4 weekly you will have 1 or 2 pays. The system calculates how much you are paid in the assessment and that is your wage for the month. August to September will then have 4 pays for weekly pay, 2 or 3 fortnightly pay and 1 or 2 on 4 weekly pay.

The majority of universal credit claimants are shop workers with families and people on low incomes. I am a part time working mum of 2 and I have childcare fees to pay, bills, fuel, food and home essentials. I work at a shop and get paid 4 weekly. This assessment period (may to June) is a 5 week month and has 2 pay dates for me and the system has added both together. This now means that what I got paid to cover an 8 week period of bills has now been calculated for 5 weeks which has made my UC payment NIL. I now have to live on £30 a week. This has to pay for food for 2 adults, 2 nursery age children, fuel, gas, electric, nappies and home essentials (toilet roll, toothpaste, cleaning products etc). I contacted universal credit for help and I was told that I had earned too much in 1 assessment to get any help. I asked for an advance which I would pay back over a 12 month period and was told no again. I have asked if the 13th payment I had received could be spread over the next 12 months so that it makes an even year but instead I was told to go to my nearest food bank or borrow off family and friends, I was also given numbers for charity’s to try for a grant but was not successful as it didn’t give grants for essentials like food. 

I am wanting this joke of a system recalculated to suit the people who need universal credit not the rest of the UK who don’t need it. I have been told on numerous occasions that the system is calculated on how the majority of the uk is paid and that is monthly.
75.5% is paid monthly

9.1% 4 weekly

1.7% fortnightly 

13.6% weekly

(as of 2017)

The problem is that the calculations reflect the whole of the UK not just people who need UC

68 million people in the uk

41 million at work age

6 million on universal credit

2.8 million who claim UC don’t work

3.2 million who claim UC work

The majority of people that work and are on UC are people who can’t work full time or are on low incomes per household. There are 7.7 million part time workers as of April 2021. 

All major supermarkets pay their employees 4 weekly. Number of employees combined 1.2 million

Well known fast food chains pay their employees fortnightly or weekly.

A massive clothing shop with 78,000 employees pays 4 weekly.

These figures are just a few I have researched. These people are the most likely to need Universal credit.

If the system was not calculated on a monthly basis and was changed on to a 4 weekly basis, it would benefit everyone on the system. There would be a more stable situation with wages and assessments and people wouldn’t have to wait up to 5 weeks to see money again, especially if you have a payment for a 4 week period and the next assessment period is 5 weeks.

Please help the people who are in need of change. This is just one issue with the system and there are plenty more to discuss.
Please leave a comment on how you are affected by this current system and any information on pay frequency and how many colleges you work beside are extremely welcome.

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