Cancellation of all University assignments and exams due to instability caused by COVID-19

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As Libraries have now closed and we have all more or less been forced into our homes I believe it is safe to say that asking university students to continue working as normal from home is outrageous.  Alot of peoples home environments are just not conducive for study and It is unfair to assume that everyone has access to Internet and the necessary resources in their homes. Where the library would have once been a safe haven for many, they now have to deal with a full home where siblings and other distractions maybe at an all time high. Alot of Paying students ability to achieve their best in their most pivotal years of study is now being placed at jeopardy.  We are all currently experiencing something so unprecedented that the whole world is in mass panic.

As university students, we have faced multitudes of challenges in the past few weeks. Many international students have had to completely abandon their life here and go back to their home countries to be with family. Many of us know family members or friends that are dealing directly with the COVID-19 infection. These are tough times for everyone and especially students who have so much on their plate.  As per government guidelines, GCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled so why can universities not do the same.  This is not the time to have to worry about an assignment deadline, dissertation or exam revision. Universities should not expect us to carry on as normal through an online portal or even online exams. This petition is to all UK Universities including The University of Coventry, and all its smaller branches as well as my own at CULondon Dagenham, to be leaders in these times and truly put the well-being and health of all its students above its reputation. Assignments dissertations and exams should be made void for the remainder of the year & expected/predicted grades given. Students at  Universities are greatly disadvantaged at this time and they need to know that their university cares about them and are doing everything in their power to ensure their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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