Call for a parliamentary vote on Coranavirus (COVID 19) strategy.

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Call for a vote in parliament on ongoing policy decisions regarding strategy to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are in an unprecedented situation, fighting a global health pandemic. All MPs should get a vote on the policy decisions and strategies, to ensure all people across the countries views and interests are represented not just the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

If we are a democratic country why in a time of crisis are important decisions being made by such a select few people. 

Boris Johnson decided not to close schools, send people home from work or ban large gatherings. Instead advising people to self isolate for seven days if they have a cough and or fever and wash their hands. Whilst also stating that they believe that somewhere between 5000-10000 people have already been infected in the UK. He also stated that vulnerable and elderly people are at risk and that it is likely we will lose many people before their time. 

Policies of this nature - that can literally determine the life and death of hundreds of thousands of people shouldn’t be taken by the Prime Minister and his cabinet alone and  should be voted on in parliament. 

Boris Johnson claims he is following the science and using it to dictate his policy. However other countries are looking at the same scientific data and choosing different policies. These other countries have had success at slowing the rate of infection and lowering the death rate of this virus by putting in place more stringent rules. 

South Korea - put 2.5 million people into lockdown when just 204 people had been diagnosed and only 1 had died, the death rate is now only 0.8% with over 7000 infection cases.

Italy - waited until over 5000 people were infected before imposingly lockdowns. And they low have a death rate of 6.6%.

Ireland - has 70 confirmed cases and 1 death, and today has announced the closure of schools, collages and other public facilities. A death rate of 1.4%.

Poland - yesterday with only 26 recorded cases of Coronavirus Poland closed all schools, museums and cinemas. 

The UK currently has 590 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and ten deaths a death rate of 1.4%. But Boris Johnson today stated they believe over 5000 people are infected.