Breaking hearts in care homes vs Covid concern

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The Covid crisis has changed lives for everyone but none so evident as our vulnerable loved ones in care homes. My Nan (my world) is in a care home suffering from dementia and despite showing incredible strength and resilience has recently been prescribed anti- depressants as a result of the Covid crisis. All she really needs is a hug from her most dearest.

Care home residents were the last to be considered in this pandemic and it feels as though they are the first forgotten as we try to return to some sense of normality.

Whilst the threat of this virus is foremost in our minds, the emotional distress and consequential impact is proving to be far greater for so many and people are dying without families to support and love them.

For me, my Nan has been my best friend from the day that I was born. I will most likely never experience a love so strong again. She has always been there for me and we only need to look at each other for a moment to know how we both are feeling.

I haven’t seen her on a personal level or been able to hug her since February. I used to take her out in the car every Sunday and would take her to the charity shop twice a week to buy something that sparkled. This was like a two week holiday in Spain for her.

Dementia has already shrunk her world. she cannot see or hear very well and Covid19 has created a situation that is beyond bearable for her and so many people like her. To make this understandable, stimulants such as TV and radio are untenable and human interaction is the sole reason for living.

Whilst I appreciate that we are trying to sustain life, there is the question of the quality of life and also the impact on mortality of the harrowing effects of the isolation from loved ones that is currently prevalent.

Care homes were an afterthought at the beginning of this crisis. We can make make this right by making them a priority as we weather the storm.

I just want to hug my Nan before she passes and I know that enabling this will not only give me peace of mind but will also respect and acknowledge her impact in the world. I just want to afford her the opportunity to die in peace and knowing that she is so loved.

Please address this imperative issue.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!