Boris to take responsibility our lives matter!We aren’t his sheep to be treated as a herd!

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Who is Boris Johnson to decide who’s lives matter, who gets to live and who doesn’t ?!

As announced by the WHO, we are dealing with a pandemic. This is a global as well as a national crisis. The corona virus is here and growing at a rapid speed. People’s health are at risk, both those who are already in a vulnerable state as well as others who aren’t. We are yet to explore and confirm more about the Covid19, there are not enough findings to ensure us the mortality rate will be low. The best we have gotten from the PM has been ‘people’s lives will be lost’ and so be it?!... 

I am 35 living in London and diagnosed with an auto immune condition. No one is able to tell me what this will mean for me with the current virus. I am not the only one in this situation, we are thousands fearing for our lives and health, forced to travel the crowded and polluted underground everyday because the government isn’t putting in measures to protect us, peak hours we are packed like sardines contaminating each other. It is giving me extreme anxiety, do I worry about my health or my job, both are needed to survive. I shouldn’t be put in this situation, none of us should, we should feel looked after, that living in a first world society the government is here to protect us, that our taxes we pay should keep us safe and entitle us to protection and safety in these situations. If we didn’t pay our taxes the government would be quick to send a reminder, I’ve paid my taxes so here’s my reminder to you, hear our voices, and help us, be there for us. This will go in the history books, don’t let it become a tragedy!!! 

We are all part of this. Take control sign this petition, the government needs to understand this is not good enough. We are all at risk, we have seen it in other countries already, this is not something we should be taking lightly. Most of the UKs big cities are highly congested, the current laid back approach will not have a good ending. Boris you wouldn’t want to be remembered for a tragedy that you could have avoided!