Boris to say if it's ok to travel 250miles to parents home when you have covid symptoms

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Cabinet members have defended Dominic Cummings 250+ mile journey from London to Durham saying it was essential to protect his child and make.sure they were cared for.  This is despite Cummings having at his disposal, a home in London and childcare options beyond grandparents. 

His actions went against the advice and rules that he helped to develop.  Rules that other citizens have been fined for breaking.  The country was told not to travel except to deliver essential items to vulnerable people, to attend medical appointments and to get food.

People with symptoms were clearly told to stay at home.

This is not a party issue, it's a national issue.  There cannot be one rule for the wealthy elite with access to the Prime minister and another for everyone else.  Indeed if other people in government have lost their jobs for travelling whilst well, Cummings should be treated at least as harshly for travelling whilst unwell.


We would like one question to be asked of Boris Johnson and we'd like it to be asked again and again until he gives a yes or no answer.

Would it have been ok if everyone with Covid-19 symptoms had travelled across the country to stay with family?


That simple