Boris Johnson - Ban the Import and Export of Hunting Trophies Now!

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1.    In September 2019, the Prime Minister tweeted a picture of Walter Palmer, the hunter who killed Cecil, along with the message: ”We must end this barbaric practice”.

2.    In October, the government promised in the Queen's speech to ban trophy imports of endangered species.

3.    The pledge was included in its election manifesto in December.

4.    In February 2020, Boris Johnson assured MPs at Prime Ministers Questions that he would go ahead with the ban.

5.    On July 7, the Daily Telegraph published a front page story entitled “PM to push ahead with trophy hunting ban”. It reported that “a source close to the Prime Minister said last night: ‘It cannot be right that endangered and defenceless animals should be shot for pleasure and their mortal remains stuffed on the mantelpieces of this country’.”

Boris - We could not agree with you more!

HOWEVER - it is now almost FIVE MONTHS since Defra’s public consultation ended.

MPs of various parties - as well as journalists - have been repeatedly pressing Defra to say WHEN they will be announcing the ban.

So far, NOTHING…


This is an issue of HUGE importance to British voters:

·  A Survation poll of 2000 people in September 2019 found that 86% of voters want trophy hunting universally banned.

·  A YouGov poll in January 2020 showed 76% of voters want a trophy hunting import ban on ALL species, not just on trophies of endangered animals.

Moreover, evidence presented by experts to Defra shows:

a.    the DEVASTATING impacts of Trophy Hunting on threatened species, and

b.    that the claims by the industry that trophy hunting supports conservation and communities are BASELESS.


It’s time to #BanTrophyHunting – please #GetTheBanDone NOW.


We demand an end to the import and export of hunting trophies from Britain, and urge Boris Johnson to follow through on his message of 2019 calling for an end to this barbaric practice.

The Government is currently running a consultation on the import and export of hunting trophies. This petition is to express support for Option 3 in the consultation, which would mean a ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK.

As the director of the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, I've long fought for an end to this barbaric practise. Killing animals for ‘trophies’ is cruel, unnecessary, and indefensible for the following reasons:

Studies show that many species targeted by trophy hunters are social, emotional, intelligent beings. Killing them for ‘sport’ goes against basic civilised values. So-called ‘canned hunting’ – breeding animals in captivity and then shooting them in enclosures – is the height of immorality.

Saying that trophy hunting of endangered species is beneficial to conservation, but that illegal poaching of the same species is harmful, makes no sense. Adding needless persecution to the growing threats faced by wildlife from habitat loss and climate change is even more senseless.

The laws on hunting and conservation are untenable. Locals can be punished for killing a wild animal simply to survive, but wealthy foreigners are able to pay for the privilege to shoot the same animal for ‘sport’ and ‘selfies’.