Ban animal testing, again!

Ban animal testing, again!

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JAMES JARDELLA started this petition to Boris Johnson and

My name is James Jardella, the founder of a British skincare company. We make vegan and cruelty-free our products in the United Kingdom and Europe.

When we started the business I was proud that Europe and the UK were leading the world in the ban on animal testing for cosmetics. 

Today it’s a different story…. 


The outright ban on animal testing in March 2013* laid clear that no product could be placed on the market in Europe and the UK if it, or its ingredients, had been tested on animals anywhere in the world. 

Sadly, the recent case** brought by the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on 18 August 2020 ruled that the REACH Chemicals Regulation DOES require testing on animals, even where the substances involved are only used in cosmetic products. This approach is even applied to cosmetic ingredients which have been used safely in the past.

It is hugely disappointing that the European Union is choosing to undermine its own legislation, prioritising REACH chemical testing requirements above the cosmetics ban on animal testing.

As human beings, we have a responsibility to prevent the unnecessary suffering of all creatures. This moral obligation is especially true when we have the power to act and make a difference.

As a business owner, I'm also extremely concerned that the current legislative ruling risks putting raw materials suppliers and brands across the industry in an ethically challenging position; at risk of enforced animal testing against their will. This ruling will weaken the integrity and high regard of British and European businesses around the world.


I hereby request that the European Union stop all further REACH testing on animals for ingredients used solely for cosmetics purposes, pending the development of alternative technologies which would make animal testing unnecessary.

By virtue of its historical legislative ties with the EU, I also call for the United Kingdom to ensure that no cosmetic ingredients are tested on animals ever again by using its much-heralded legislative powers to shine a light on this situation and create alternative legislation.

Please join me in raising awareness of this issue and petition our public leaders to uphold the outright ban on animal testing. 

James Jardella



* on the 11th of March 2013, built on Regulation No 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009 

** the Symrise appeal.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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