Stop the War in Ukraine ���

Stop the War in Ukraine ���

3 March 2022
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Boris Johnson and our Government
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Started by Nikki Sharp



So as i put my head down to sleep tonight in the knowledge that my kids are safe and warm and in their beds sleeping peacefully

I cannot help thinking about the poor people of Ukraine out in the freezing cold

Tired / hungry and scared of what their future holds not only for themselves but for their children ..

Leaving their husbands / grandads to fight a meaningless war that they do not want and not knowing if they are ever coming home.

Feeling like this is a nightmare that they will not wake up from

When i make a cup of tea or decide if i want the fire on tonight

When i take a glass of water to my bed ‘just because ‘ i might be thirsty through the night

I now think about how blessed we are as a nation and how we are so lucky to sit and watch the mayhem on our tv’s knowing that it is far away from our own loved ones

But the tragedy of this situation is that this is a real war now and when will it stop ..

Are we doing enough for these people or do we all just know that their fate is here

Life will never be the same for them and yet our government are still deciding whether to take in these desperate people and ‘the definition of siblings’ as to who can come and seek sanctuary here.

These people were told to leave with as much as they could carry and have no water to drink

No medicines if they are sick so how are they even going to make it out of the war zone let alone book flights to England

Are we doing enough when we see the family’s who vow to stay together hiding under ground knowing that within hours or days the inevitable will happen and that is evacuation or death as the civilian streets are also random targets now as-well as hospitals / schools and rehabilitation centre’s.

They have no power / no light / no water and know that their outcome is getting more and more grim by the day but they still stand together and are willing to fight until the end


Just wow ….


Is it not time to call on our troops to go in and save not only Ukraine but the whole world from this deranged madman who has enough weapons of mass destruction to take us all out instead of losing his ego battle.

Sanctions are apparently draining his country

Taking his money / sports and showing him that he has committed war crimes is not enough as all we are doing is forcing another human disaster on Russian people who will now be in a country unwillingly going to war with possibly friends and family in a neighbouring country

They will be forced into a recession while people in power stop their radio stations and news from reporting the truth

Jail women and children for laying flowers for the Ukraine people and anyone else who shows empathy for the other side


This is a modern day Hitler

And we are still sitting here watching from the outside looking in at what can only be described as the saddest scenes of

Life being ripped apart ….


Are we doing enough ….?


Pls pray for Ukraine ��


And sign this petition to get them the resources they need to fight back and have a chance of saving their country.


Amen �


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Signatures: 29Next Goal: 50
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