Allow UK weddings with more than 30 guests

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Emily Burton
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Boris Johnson announced that religious wedding ceremonies could take place from July 4th, however with a maximum of 30 guests and no receptions.   And civil ceremonies? 

However thousands can flock to beaches, go to pubs amongst strangers, go to bingo halls, get flights, go to the cinema or a restaurant, most if not all of which have a capacity well over 30.

Couples are left in limbo, venues have only allowed postponement within 2020 and insurances are refusing to cover for Covid cancellations or postponement.  The wedding season is only a few months from being over this year.

Venues are suffering financial crisis as are all the wedding suppliers.

A wedding has a self made track and trace using the guest list, venues are usually large and not over crowded and measures can be implemented. More importantly guests are all known to the couple as they are friends and family.

Venues often have minimum guest number requirrments and 30 is not enough.

The government need to amend this rule to accommodate civil ceremonies as well as religious ceremonies and increase the guest capacity relative to the venue.  This is a one off event for most couples who have spent thousands and planned for months if not years.

Increase the wedding guest numbers and allow receptions for weddings.